Yapı Holding


The Message of The President

In the new vision of the world, all companies need to think globally and develop partnerships and projects globally. Yapı Holding, with its 50 years of experience in international trade, opens up to the world with its entire staff to create a new vision. With our national and international experience in the European, Asian and African markets, we are aiming to contribute to the more fair, ethical and respectful development of the world through new sectors and new projects, as well as the growth of our companies.

  • We contribute to the globalization of world trade with foreign trade in 110 countries on five continents. In the mining and energy sector, we implement new projects with the principles of human rights, environment and sustainability. Our hope; the projects we produce and contribute to a peaceful and livable world.
  • The total of the completed and ongoing construction projects by our partner companies is over 1.000.000 m². In all these projects, we always take into account human life and comply with ethical values and make construction projects suitable for both environmental and economic developments.

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Adnan Ersoy ULUBAŞ

Yapı Holding A.Ş. as,

Our Mission

Our company's main mission is not to harm the environment during our commercial activities, to use environment-friendly technologies in our company and to encourage them to be disseminated.

Our customers and business partners rely on us thanks to our professionalism and extensive experience. Therefore, it is our main goal to try to keep our reputation at the highest level in every platform, to act in accordance with our commitments and ethical rules in our services.

Our Vision

To be a company that adopts high quality philosophy, follows technological developments, innovates itself, renews itself and adapts to the needs of the age is the basic principles of our vision.

Our vision is to be a pioneer in all sectors in which we operate, who knows their responsibilities to our country and our environment, and who look forward to the future with hope and leave an exemplary and leading company to the next generations.

Ethical Principles

  • To be fair and respectful to the people and organizations we do business with. To pay due diligence to fulfill our obligations, to avoid unfair competition by competing only in legal and ethical areas.

  • Human rights, the rule of law, democracy and the protection of the environment are among our fundamental principles. In order to be a good citizen, social responsibility projects are very important for us.

  • In all of our activities, it is essential to comply with the international law norms and laws, and to pursue a commitment to the rule of law.

  • In all of our activities, it is essential to comply with the international law norms and laws, and to pursue a commitment to the rule of law.
  • In line with the objective of creating value for our shareholders by giving priority to the continuity of YAPI Holding; To avoid taking unnecessary or unmanageable risks, to act within the framework of financial discipline and accountability with the aim of sustainable profitability, to consider our company's resources and assets and to evaluate our working time efficiently is one of our primary responsibilities.

  • To protect the personal rights and all legal rights promised to our employees; To act in accordance with human dignity and personal rights in a manner that is fair, impartial and non-discriminatory in recruitment, wage and promotion processes, to create a safe and healthy working environment, to show the necessary effort for their personal development as a company, to support them in volunteering in social responsibility projects, ensuring that the balance between business life and private life is one of our ethical principles.

YAPI Holding INC., in the light of these principles, as a leading company in national and international projects, we always aim to act with confidence.